Sunday, April 25, 2010

New horizons

Brilliant day yesterday getting away from Shoreditch and brands, brands, brands. First up, my friend and I were pleased to see that we could bring some "hot young thing" to a morning cookery class at Books for Cooks in Notting Hill. The class - an awesome birthday present from friends - was "A Taste of Spain". We sped through 5 recipes in 2 hours and then stuffed ourselves with chorizo, Andalucian salad, chicken with prawns, and a gorgeous apple cake. Who knew that one could roast peppers whole before peeling? Ooh!

Following a few mouthfuls of Pimm's, we ventured south of the river to check out Molotov Jukebox. The "up-beat reggae gypsy" band, fronted by my very old friend Nat Tena, absolutely smashed it and got everyone jigging around like it was going out of style. Nat brought some much needed sex appeal to the accordion by sporting suspenders and a captain's hat marked "H M Slut". She and her tricked out band steered the assembled cool kids through some incredible life lessons (ie. Don't live with your boyfriend) all set to a funky folk-hop beat.

If it weren't for the last tube home, we'd have also stuck around to check these guys out - The Correspondents.

Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Check out the Slideshare version of April's Project10 edition, with a contribution from me on p6.

Next up, Steve's looking for people to help him explore the relationship and influence that design has on politics. If you're interested you can contact him via Twitter @planbstudio. Spread the love.

Friday, April 16, 2010

Camillastore for Project10.

Check out the latest edition of the Project10 newspaper, with a tweeted contribution from yours truly and Panja Gobel, with gorgeous illustration by Emma Barratt. Panja and I ourselves the challenge to discuss women in design and technology within a 140 character field on Twitter. Under the hashtag #unPandC, we ranted at each other for 3 days. To spice things up a bit we added the extra challenge to include five quotes each from our feisty heroine, Mae West, in our tweeted dialogue. To find out more about the wonderful Project10, click this.

Sunday, April 11, 2010

Liberty for the masses!

Liberty - one of the last bastions of true British retailing, the shopping equivalent of tea at 4 o'clock and cricket whites on the green - has got itself a little bit of rough by pairing up with Target. When I lived in Texas, Target was the place to go when you needed to buy 56 rolls of toilet paper and gallon bottles of nail varnish remover. We fondly called it "Targé" and now it seems to be living up to its posher side. The new range is pretty lovely, actually, and it makes a change to have a "Liberty Lite" range tas opposed to the mortgage-inducing prices we are used to. I'm love, love, loving this bicycle - perfect for the springtime sunshine!