Tuesday, March 31, 2009

5 links that will make your freakin' day

1. God's facebook page (just scroll down a little)

2. Life advice everyone should follow

3. Revel in other people's sins

4. Get to know your scammer

5. Every episode of the incredible Arrested Development

Monday, March 30, 2009

Winners in a downturn,

These are dark days for conspicuous consumption. ‘It’ bags are the ultimate fashion faux pas, Net-a-porter are delivering in unmarked, brown paper packages, and City workers have today been forced to shed their designer suits for fear of being targeted by protesters. This does not mean, however, that luxe living has died, it has just gone undercover. In conversations with some of my friends working in various niche stores around London this weekend, it seems there will be some luxury winners in a downturn.

Chantal Coady, owner of Rococo Chocolates, says there was a moment when ‘everyone seemed to be like a rabbit stuck in headlights’ but since Christmas and now heading towards Easter, sales have shown that chocolate is the ‘little luxury’ few are prepared to go without.

Purchasing habits at both Rococo and their Marylebone neighbours, Cologne & Cotton, also reveal an interesting new trend – where staying in has become the new going out. Consumers are saving on expensive restaurants and nights in hotels, splurging instead on after-dinner chocolates and new bed linen for overnight guests. We’ve even seen upmarket Waitrose mimic Marks & Spencer in their ‘dine in for 2 for £10’ offers.

The shopping experience as a whole has also become much more important to consumers, as they try to get more for their money than just a material purchase. Hosiery company, Tabio, have staff who are brilliantly trained to help shoppers put an entire look together, rather than just buying a pair of socks. While back over at Rococo, they have placed their master chocolatier in the window of their Motcomb Street shop, educating passers-by (and, hopefully, future customers) in the art of chocolate making.

Chantal sums up the new mood succinctly: ‘no-one can afford to look to their laurels, we all have to be there for the customers and make sure we are doing what they want.’ And what is it customers want? The good old days without the bad old guilt.

Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Smash hit from Japan

No sooner have we come to terms with wearing wet-look leggings outside of S&M parties in Brixton, and the fashion pack throw us another curve ball. This time in the guise of jean leggings. My pals at Tabio say they've been a massive hit in Japan (where a diet of sushi and miso soup no doubt aids their wearability), and have now crossed over to the UK where they are literally flying out the shop. I've yet to own a pair, or summon up the confidence to sport them, but when I do I'll hopefully rock them with this summer's take on the gladiator and one of my new Threadless tees. Better start on the sushi!

Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Like a diabetic in a candy shop.

I love a bit of tee-shirt action but, devastatingly, look pin-headedly androgenous meets European cleaning-lady in one. Of late, I've been pushing my metaphorical nose against the metaphorical shop window of Rumplo - a collection of tees from all over the place.

Alice, this one's for you. ;)

I've also fallen in love with not only the Threadless tees, but the entire 'co-creation' concept. In fact, you can even go vote for my suggested t-shirt slogan. Help keep the dream alive by clicking here. In fact, leave me a comment saying you voted and, if I win, I promise to buy you a Threadless tee of your choice out of my $500 winnings! Promotion-a-licious!

Monday, March 23, 2009

When blogging gets dirty.

Who doesn't love a bit of gossip? One of our favourite bloggers, The Sartorialist, has been spotted cosy-ing up to some style-harlot and has even, apparently, allowed some of his photos to be featured on her blog. Now Sart's wife has taken to the comment boxes to vent her side of the very acrimonious story. Perez, eat your heart out!

Watch it all go down, down to China Town, here.

And, speaking of getting rumbled, check out this hilarious 'outing' of a 419 scammer.... here

Wednesday, March 18, 2009

This has clearly been on YouTube for a while, but I just came across it and love it!

Been obsessing a bit of late on how people take familiar brands and use digital media and social networking to subvert them and make them their own. Readers of this blog may be interested to subscribe to the other blog I now write for found at Where my latest post is on just this topic.

Monday, March 16, 2009

Baby steps into the 21st century.

With so much of the internet buoyed by hype, rather than genuine usefulness, I have become somewhat jaded over the words "you simply HAVE to try this". But every so often, one's jadedness is unfounded as you guiltily discover the thing you simply HAD to try and didn't, is ultimately what has been missing so desperately from your sad little life.

First up is Skype. I tried it out a couple of years ago and, after attaching various cameras and mics and god-knows-what to my mac found the re-verb a total conversation killer. Yesterday, however, I gave it a second chance to chat to a friend in Austin, TX and rued all the cash I spent on calling cards that could have been more usefully used on shoes.

Secondly, Spotify, which makes itunes look like that box of vinyls in your attic. Spotify is not about ownership, it's about access. So you log in, create a playlist, and listen online. Thanks so Spotify me and my co-workers have been enjoying everything from 'The Best Music from the French' to 'I will always love you'. And, in case you're wondering, yes - that is a good thing.

Thursday, March 12, 2009

Now it's just getting silly.

First Grazia Magazine made its printed format redundant by making their blog just a little too good, then Monocle Magazine opened a shop, and now there's a paper which prints a round up of the week's blogs. The world of print journalism, thrown into disarray by the digital revolution, is acting like a cat on catnip as they whizz around jumping on every bandwagon and adopting every fad going.

What's next? A constantly updated hand-written blog penned live by homeless people in the Shoreditch area? I wouldn't be surprised.

Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Super clever - Brand Tags encourages free word association for brands, based on the assumption that whatever we say it is, it is. And to think brands pay thousands for focus groups!

Made even better by the sumptuous presentation of the results.

Sunday, March 08, 2009

Borrowing much from Punk'd, but still right on the button...

Tuesday, March 03, 2009

The tipping point.

Tomorrow I will turn 25 and, in a month, this blog will turn 1. It's been an interesting year in both our worlds and we have each informed and grown the other. Since January of last year I have worked for four different companies - in each one learning new skills, meeting new people, and seeing the world from a different point of view. And during my tenures, this blog has twisted and turned as well. Sometimes bursting with thoughts, ideas and links, at other times tired and vague.

What has surprised me the most is the response prospective employers have had to my blog. A top London fashion PR agency, a global qualitative research agency, and a digital branding agency have all been considerably impressed by this manifestation of my commitment to my career and the branding industry.

I cannot over-emphasise how useful a blog can be to young talent. A blog is a free, quick and simple way to show people how you think, what you think, and how you work. Forget the 'hobbies' section on your CV, a link to a focused, dynamic website is simply the best way to distinguish you from the crowd.

Camillastore doesn't have a huge following, but it's there and up-to-date when I need the right person to see it. For me the blog serves as a living database. At work I find myself frequently referring it to it for this company name, or that clever website.

Those of you who do check back every so often, may notice that my posts have been flagging a bit. While it's a shame that the days of posting from my bed at 11pm are being replaced by crawling home from work at 8 and conking straight out, I have my blog (and the visual implementation of my skills) to thank for the amazingjob that now fills my days!