Thursday, November 20, 2008

Innocent pleasures.

Being young, free, and single in London can all too easily lead an innocent girl into temptation. Dangle the carrot of bright lights, late nights and chiselled jawlines in front of us, and in no time were toddling off in 5 inch heels and skirts up to here. So, before we start getting all Amy Winehouse, it’s important to take a step back from the edge and enjoy the simpler, more innocent things in life. If only to have something credible to tell our Mothers!

Here are a few ideas for getting up to some good for a change!

1. 10 Pin Bowling
Once the only place for under-18s to while away their mis-spent youths, bowling appears to have become chic again thanks, in large part, to places like the All Star Lanes. Make like Chachi and Joanie and rock n roll down at the Lanes!

2. Pedal boating on Serpentine
This is the Londoner's equivalent of Oxbridge punting and with slightly less call for silly hats, falling in, and an IQ of 120. Looks easy but is surprising hard work on the old thigh muscles. I've been known to spend hours just going round and round in circles as the sun sets behind Harrods, but there is fun to be had if you know what you're doing! And have someone else to pedal!

3. Crockery painting in Fulham
Sounds a bit twee, but after a morning spent nibbling choccie biccies, listening to classical music and let your artistic flair run wild, you emerge feeling like a whole new person! Go to The Pottery Cafe and paint your own Emma Bridgewater plate!

4. Sing-a-long at Prince Charles cinema

Funny how easily one can recall every single lyric to the Sound of Music given half the chance. Proves there is some purpose to watching it 16 times a day as an ankle-biter! Only £1.50 at the Prince Charles Cinema! Fun and bargainalicious!

5. Attend a public lecture.
A little education never did anyone any harm, so get your geek-chic on down at one of the LSE public lecture series. The Relationshhip between Strategy and Identity in a Transnational Environmental Network? Pass me my notepad!

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