Saturday, July 26, 2008

OBAMATRON!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Camilla's Store guest contributor asks....

What’s a Saturday night out without a Boogie?

So finally I’ve made it to the motherland. I swear North London is not just convenient geographically, but mentally and … well just simply more convenient for life. To prove the point – during one of my last expeditions south of the channel I stupidly agreed to cycling to Paris for charity. Now, ultimately I will get into Heaven quicker but its playing havoc with my social life!

After hitting the gym for two hours in the morning, followed by an afternoon session on how to get to Paris (two stops down the Northern Line and then change was what I had previously thought) I waded past the paps outside Wino’s house to visit my brother for some bicycle buying advice.

Now we –trons are not known for our sobriety, and ebay bike hunting quickly turned into a drinking game using his flatmate’s fine chilled Chablis for shots. Soon plans were afoot for a night out – Hackney, Shoreditch, Camden…Highgate?!

Highgate isn’t normally known for wild nights, but that’s because it likes to keep itself secret. We started at Papa Del’s pizza place with its knobbly tables and excellent pizzas (although they rather oddly but the topping underneath the cheese, surely they’re no longer toppings then), but more importantly their desert menu consists of only cookies! You just can’t look hard sipping your double espresso and whisky when you have a white chocolate cookie in the other hand – but it’s just too good!

With that warm whiskey feeling in the pit of our stomachs we rambled our way down to Boogaloo – can a pub go wrong with a name like that?! With a massive outside area, loads of seating inside and the best bar staff ever, the place was jumping! A crowd of hip young north Londoners, bored with the otherwise inevitable and seemingly eternal trek back from east London, gave the place had a relaxed vibe but with a pumping soundtrack. It wasn’t long before the –trons were throwing some wicked shapes on the floor and soon everyone was up and loving the boogie!

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