Thursday, July 24, 2008

I was lucky enough to enjoy a lunch al fresco in Hanover Square this afternoon, alongside all the anorexics from vogue and long-haired city-boys. For most people on the 9-5, the last thing we want on our lunch break is to be disturbed by a sales pitch, so I was amazed at what Google managed to achieve from where they had set up in the centre of the square.

Beans bags, frisbees, ice lollies and exercise balls littered the grass and jolly Googlers meandered through the picnic-ers introducing them to the google maps application on their mobile phones. The number of people who happily allowed the Googler to join them on the grass and mess about their with their phone is a testament to the brand loyalty and benevolence that Google has accrued.

What made the stunt successful where the brand ambassadors. It is well known that Google treat their staff to daily array of workplace perks from games rooms to free drinks and chocolates and it seems to have paid off. The girl who came up to me had the confidence and dedication not found in hired event staff. Like Google itself, she was informative, laid back and to the point. And thanks to her, I can now locate the nearest Topshop at a moment's notice on my phone. A lunch-hour well spent.

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