Saturday, July 12, 2008


The Door to Narnia is at London Bridge

Now, I must admit, I am not the biggest fan of London south of the river – call me a snob, but along with ‘don’t dabble in heroin’ and ‘its always quicker to use the Victoria Line’, it is one of my golden rules. The other day, however, after a few too many caipirinhnas at La Perla, I ventured behind a simple black door beneath London Bridge station and found the entrance to a new subterranean world - Shunt.

Essentially an art-cum-night club run by an artist co-op to inspire those who want something a bit different for their Saturday night out. Most importantly though, its always evolving as each week will be curated by a different Shunt artist. Some will fill the space with nonstop entertainment, some will do next to nothing, fortunately the bar staff are more reliable.

At first it seems like entering into a lawyer’s office with its dark wood panelling and thick velvet drapes. As you walk on though, the luxurious fabrics slip down revealing bare brick, the light diminishes as the ceiling rises, and the air becomes heavy with damp. Before you know it, you’ve entered a warren of massive caverns, each one filled with something different – a bar, a theatre, an art installation, or a live band on stage. I half expected to stumble across some form of ultimate fighting match between Alexa Chung and Daisy Lowe, but instead we found vintage pacman - not the same but just as addictive

After freeing a decent bottle of Nicolas Feuillatte from behind the gigantic bar, we wandered from cave to cave following the eclectic crowd of Missoni maxis, Henry Holland Tee’s and Daks suits. Small groups sat round talking on the sofas, whilst others start to hit the dancefloor, all lit by hundreds and thousands of candles.

Now, it was at the point of discovering a dinner party parked on the back of a milkcart that things start to get a little hazy, and golden rule number four stepped in – black cab, always!

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