Sunday, January 04, 2009

When I am old I shall wear purple Snowjoggers.

As I fast approach a quarter of a century, one has to take into account those trends and fashions that one - no matter how slim, smart, or good-looking - can no longer get away with. Lost, alas, to the recesses of times gone by go the sloaney denim mini-skirt, the Miss Sixty low-slung black cord flares, and hoodies worn any day but a Sunday. Cultivating an age-appropriate wardrobe is as much a rite of passage as renting your first flat, buying your first car, and no longer getting ID-ed at the bar.

But, just as one occasionally returns to the joys of our formative years (waking up still drunk on a work day, kissing a friend's boyfriend, or sneaking home for a mum-cooked meal), so one can be inexplicably drawn to fashion items that are really intended for a person nearly a decade one's junior. I present, by means of confession, exhibit A: Silver Snowjogger boots. Fabulous? Yes. Warm? Yes. Comfortable? Yes. Affordable? Yes. Totally inappropriate for a woman on the wrong side of 24? Regretably... Yes.

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