Saturday, January 03, 2009

Died and gone to carbohydrate heaven.

A recent mosey along Wardour Street - a street infamous for its quick turnaround of businesses - revealed a new patisserie/deli which, I hope will stand the test of time a little better than its predecessors. Princi was clearly conceived in more affluent times, as is evidenced by its bakery-cum-viewing gallery, which takes up no less than a half of its frontage. Inside, you are drawn - lurching from tasting basket to tasting basket - along an unending display of patisseries, each one more delicious-looking than the last.

Temporarily insane from the carb high, my companion and I split the extortionate £3.50 on a loaf of soda bread, while the punters in the heaving cafe area looked on smugly. Credit crunchers may not be able to buy new clothes, but they can certainly eat cake!

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