Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Wondering why....

Back in September, huge excitement was generated over the news that Selfridges was unveiling The Wonder Room. The concept behind the Wonder Room was to challenge the meaning of 'exclusivity' with unique and diverse pieces from around the world. And, certainly at first viewing it seemed to offer just that... squidgy, rubber buddhas rubbed shoulders with Ali's training jacket, while the Hermes winged saddle bag snuggled up to designer vibrators. So far so exclusive.

It's been nearly eight months now, however, and I've yet to see anything new or wondrous added to their collection other than some £80 notebooks and a back wall devoted to designer sunglasses. It's a shame because, with a little research and devotion, Selfridges could really lead the way in offering one-off items. If you're in Selfridges dropping several grand on a handbag, would you really stop to think of wasting a few hundred on a John Derian decoupage plate, a 'C'mere' Hand Hook, or even some star spot from Etsy? And for those of us in there just to browse, what could be more aspirational than something that is both expensive and relatively unique, or more exciting that seeing something not found anywhere else in London?

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