Thursday, May 15, 2008

134 Bus from Camden to Tottenham Court Road

18 year old middle-class girl: What's that?
Her brother: The BT Tower
Girl: What happens there?
Bro: Telecommunications
Girl: Why?
Bro: *sigh*
Girl: What's that?
Bro: A blue plaque.
Girl: What's a blue plaque?
Bro: It's what they put up when someone famous has lived in the house
Girl: Are they dead celebrities?
Bro: Yes
Girl: Did they die in the house?
Bro: *sigh*
Girl: What's a Suffragette?
Bro: Didn't you learn about them in school?
Girl: I didn't learn anything in school
Bro: Well, they were a group who fought for Women's Rights
Girl: Would I have learnt about them in History?
Bro: Yes
.......... Someone's mobile starts ringing further down the bus
Girl: *With glee* La da da da di la da da! I love this one!!!!!!!

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