Sunday, May 25, 2008

Sweet Things in London
A friend of mine used to bring his mother here when she was angry with him as he knew she would never raise her voice in such an establishment. Served in a proper milkshake glass and in glorious pastel shades worth every pound!

Best Chocolate Cake :
La Fromagerie
I have this on good authority, that - indeed - the best chocolate cake in London is to be found in a cheese shop.

Best Cupcakes:
Unbelievably delicious cupcakes that just about counteract the terrible service from their staff!

Best Chocolate Chip Cookies:
Made with high quality dark chocolate and just the perfect amount of crunch!

Best House Truffles:
Rococo Chocolates
Call me biased, but you have to go a long way to beat a Rococo rose truffle dipped in cocoa nibs.

Best Sweet Newcomers (sweet!):
Dylan's Candy Bar to Harvey Nichols Fifth Floor, Scoop Gelateria to Covent Garden, and Sir Hans Sloane Chocolates to Liberty.

Have a great bank holiday!

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