Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Desert Island Digital - Whurley

On this week's Desert Island Digital my castaway is Whurley. Whurley is the co-founder and GM of Chaotic Moon, an Austin-based mobile application studio. Chaotic Moon helped to create the world's first tablet-only publication The Daily, and recently devised the Board of Awesomeness - a motorized longboard custom rigged with a Microsoft Xbox 360 Kinect device.   

Here's his choices for life on the island.

One tweet upon arrival on the island:

(I think it would be funny to tweet you were lost from an island like lost because...well trust me it's funny)

One app:

Age of Booty. 'Cause it's awesome amounts of endless fun created by all of my coworkers at Chaotic Moon and it would remind me of them and bring back great memories on rainy days.

One #ff (Follow Forever) on Twitter:

@dalailama For the obvious inspiration and because his mindset would be very good to have if you were going to be alone for an extended period of time. 

One album on Spotify:

Like I said Spotiwhat? ;) 

One photo:

Any photo of my son
Cause he's the most awesome and if I could only have one photo it would be of him. 

One YouTube video:

One digital luxury:

My iPad with Cellular Service, LTE please ;) 
Cause then being on the island would pretty much be exactly like being at home :)