Wednesday, August 05, 2009

Wolf whistle

Every few months my Aunt, who resides in deepest, darkest Dorset, hits the London retail scene so hard the credit card company once phoned my Uncle to check the card hadn't been stolen. And so it was with much forethought that I took a long weekend to give me both a prep and recovery day either side of her weekend visit. In 48 hours we covered Camden Passage, Covent Garden, Bond Street, Selfridges and Marylebone High Street, stopping only to eat and sleep. As such, I am now 100% updated with both the highstreet and designer offering in this awkward time between Summer and Autumn, between Sale and New Season, between so-last-week and so-right-now.

And it is with some authority that I can say just one word: Whistles. When Jane Shepherdson left Topshop to refresh Whistles we knew good things would follow for the previously mumsy store and, my, hasn't she done well! They have seriously raised their game and, I think, lowered their prices - making them a winner all round.

I tried on this (looking for the first signs of the Balmain shoulder)

Bought this

And saw this on someone at a wedding last weekend