Saturday, February 07, 2009

Do you want the good news or the bad news first?

Ok, the good news is the spring Jack Wills catalogue arrived yesterday. Judging it as a catalogue alone it gets top marks - keeping true to brand while stepping forward from its previous one in terms of look and style. And how flippin' Sloane-tastic great is it that you can now buy JW tv blankets!?

The bad news is that they appear to be taking suspiciously sticky leaves out of the American Apparel book of 'barely legal' advertising. The opening page of the catalogue features the reproduction of a 'concerned' letter from a parent "aghast and disgusted' by the "blatant sexualisation" of JW's young female models.

Firstly, if they chose to go down this route they should go down it with bullish confidence, rather than poking fun at their nay-sayers like a reprimanded child who knows they have done wrong. Secondly, unlike the slutty American Apparel ads which feature proper models, Jack Wills have open casting calls at their shops and sponsored events. Without evidence to the contrary, I can only assume, therefore, that these scantily clad teens aren't professional models, capable of drawing a line, but willing wannabe's grateful to be part of the JW dream.

Careful Jack - we all love a bad boy but they always break our hearts in the end.