Saturday, August 16, 2008

Come... join us.

9.47pm, Charing Cross tube station, Northern Line. A black and white poster simply requests 'join us', and, at the bottom, 'Heavenly. A new kind of branding agency'. Firstly, snaps to them for dreaming up such a clever recruitment idea. Secondly, it made me think about how the really great brands make a concerted effort to market themselves to potential employees. Get recruitment right and you've got brand ambassadors who are already walking the walk and talking the talk before you've even handed them the health and safety guide.

One company I've come across who does this brilliantly is Innocent Smoothies. Their tone on the 'careers' bit of their website is all about family, team-playing and having a lovely time. They invite you to tell them about your unusual hobbies, your cake baking abilities, and whether you got to grade three clarinet, and then to post it to 'A Job Would Be Nice, Fruit Towers, London etc'.

As experience becomes a huge factor in modern selling, the people who represent your brand become key. If they personally support your product, they're going to be great at getting other people to as well. New terms are also being employed which reveal a move away from seeing employees as staff and embracing them as integral to your marketing strategy. Abercrombie and Fitch has 'in-store models', while Apple Mac have 'geniuses'.

Time was we trawled through the job section hunting for a job, now we go shopping for one and see which company, which brand is speaking to us directly.

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