Wednesday, June 11, 2008


The old epigram 'men want to be them, women want to date them' rings most true for this motely crew. Everyone's got to have a hero - be they 28 or 78, you could do a lot worse than to take a leaf out of these guys little black books!

The come-back kid. Robert Downey Jr is the self-titled 'posterboy for pharmaceutical mismanagement', yet these days seems to be very much back in the game with summer blockbuster Iron Man. I've had my eye on him since Only You - it's the puppy eyes!

The Legend. Those who know me will also know why I think Hunter S. Thompson would actually need his own blog for me to explain just what a dude he is. To choose one quote would do him a huge disservice, to know him only for Fear and Loathing - an even greater one. The Rum Diary, Hell's Angels, On the Campaign Trail..... Absolutely number 1 on the fantasy dinner party list.

The All-Rounder. Tom, tom, tom... you can literally do no wrong. He is an inspired designer, a shrewd businessman, effortlessly charming and fantastically gorgeous. After his considerable stint at the helm of Gucci, Tom opened his ultra-chic, eponymous store in NY last year and brought unabashed opulence and debauched decadence to the metro-sexual male. He is quoted as claiming to be his own muse - and can you really blame him?

The Older Man. Like a fine brie, Jack seems only to get better with age. He has been rocking Hollywood since he stole the show in Easy Rider, then shot to fame in One Flew Over the Cuckoo's Nest. Ever one for the ladies, Jon Stewart even quipped at this year's Oscar ceremony that there were 'two pregnant women here tonight at the Oscars—then again, obviously the night is still young. And Jack is here!'.

The funny guy. Dane Cook is barely known on these shores but over the pond, his comedy album sits at the top of the charts and, back in 2006, he became the second comedian ever to sell out Madison Square Garden, where he performed his 'Rough Around The Edges' tour in the round to 20,000 people.

Coming up.... Part 2: The great date guide to restaurants!

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