Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Can't Understand New Technology

Today marks the launch of Can't Understand New Technology - an insider newspaper reporting on what Silicon Roundabout really thinks about new technology. Twenty-five contributions from some of London's leading creatives and strategic thinkers weigh on how technology is affecting our industry and the way we all work, think and live. 

Can't Understand New Technology references the now-infamous Shoreditch Twat and the satirical Private Eye - aiming to give a platform to the people who really can understand new technology: People who realise the true potential of technology within creativity and meaningful communications; People who are relentlessly pushing their clients, their colleagues and themselves to seamlessly integrate technology into their processes and thinking; People who can understand the absurdity of the new, and yet know it is merely the norm of the future.

I - and my co-founder Steve Price - decided to use old technology to launch Can't Understand New Technology by creating a print-only publication with no online presence apart from that created by those who read it. You can follow their conversations by using the hashtag #cantunderstandnewtechnology across Twitter, Instagram and even Vine.

I look forward to seeing how Can't Understand New Technology is received, and reading the responses to the issues it raises. To be added to the distribution list for Issue 2, or if you'd like to speak to us about press, please contact me (@camillastore) or Steve (@planbstudio).

Meantime, I'd like to shout out and thank all those who got involved and made Can't Understand New Technology a publication I am bursting with pride to launch.

Anna Morley
Chris Grant
Dave Birss
Ed Robinson
Ellen Turnill Montoya
Flo Heiss
Glyn Britton
Graham Wood
Harry Woodrow
James Denman
Laura Jordan Bombach
Marc Lewis
Matthew Knight
Panja Gobel
Sam Ball
Simon Manchipp
Stephen Fulljames
Steve Price
Tom Kile Hartshorn
Tony Hymes
Tyler Finck
Vicky Kochowski
Paul West
Asi Sharabi
Anrick Bregman

Can't Understand New Technology launches today - because who wouldn't enjoy a #cantunderstandnewtechnology in the post on V-day?