Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Find your Ness

Last week saw the launch of Ness to the App Store - a smart decision engine which takes your social feeds and helps you to decide where you want to eat that night. Moving forward, the technology can be applied to a range of "verticals" - from nightlife and shopping, to travel and movies.

Being a start-up - conceived, financed and developed by a young, bright team in Silicon Valley - Ness became the perfect client with whom to push the boundaries of strategic approach. It was exhilarating to work with people who represent both the beating heart and the future of technological innovation. On a personal level, Ness allowed me to put a lot of my additions to the MB digital offer into practice - embedding moving world thinking into the brand from the very beginning.

I also got to point charismatically at a lot of post-it notes.

You can read more about the app here and see the Moving Brands case study here.