Monday, November 29, 2010

Three things I'm loving… and it's only Monday!

1. The Evening Standard
Yes, this little Fame Whore got another slice of the action in tonight's Standard on the subject of snow in fashion. According to me, "snow lay flat on the ground in the Nineties". Don't understand? no, neither do I. Oh well.

2. PhotoSwap
Next time the chat dwindles in a group-outing scenario, whip this baby out. Take a picture, get one back. What could be more fun? Oh, I know… visually abusing people who send you penis photos, that's what. Fun times.

3. Krrb
The "commerce enabler". Are you an arty, hipster-type living in a pocket of urban cool? Why not connect with your neighbors by selling, swapping and giving away trinkets? Another lovely example of the online going offline.