Thursday, February 25, 2010

Living the dream.

Ok pro-brand post coming up. I finally did it. I went and bought a mac book pro. And, sweet lord jesus, it is incredible. Everything about it is incredible.

So it's not every Sunday that one gets up, eats breakfast and moseys into central london to spend nearly a thousand pounds. I needed a bit of a pre-amble, some low-fi spending to get me and my credit card in the mood. And so, it was laden with a week's shopping from Waitrose, that I strolled into Apple on Regent Street ready to do some damage.

As usual, the store was filled with the politically correct mixture of ages, races and gender all gazing aspirationally at screens as chirpy 'Mac Geniuses' circled. And then the branded fun began. The person who served me was chatty and amiable. He helpfully gave me a knapsack style bag, so I could sling my 'pro on my back and still schlep my shopping. How very modern, how very hip.

Back home, and after some pretty judgemental looks on the tube (waitrose and mac, could I be anymore smug?), the de-boxing began. What a ritual! Lovely little tabs and layers which all make the final unveiling feel almost climactic. The installing was a joy. And, with my old G4 slung mercilessly in my wardrobe, I am now penning this post. Smooth, fast, and oh so slick. And that's just the computer.