Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Trend Nirvana

Today I spent 7 hours locked in a room with The Future Laboratory. Aside from their addiction to buzz words (Blingamalism, Bleisure, Womenomics, No-frills Affluents, Staycations, Mentornships...), their approach, consideration, and analysis of global trends was awe-inspiring. As a bedroom trend-spotter turned wannabe trend analyst - or, according to the Future Lab's youth trend of Slash/Slash, blogger/trend analyst/marketing manager - it blew my mind to see proper trend forecasting in action.

It's not everyday that one comes face to face with their 'calling', and doing so evokes mixed emotions of hyperactivity, excitement and burning ambition. The findings from today's session, and the work I've been doing surrounding this project, have given me lots to think about, lots of new leads, and lots to look in-depth at via Camilla's Store. I know it's been a slow couple of weeks on here, but stay tuned... I'm about to up my game!

Image: Kesh - fashion designer/stylist/editor/DJ