Thursday, October 23, 2008

Whole (lotta) Foods

Given that all work and no play makes Camilla a dull blogger, I am forced to post vicariously. For, whilest I was slumped post-prandially on the sofa, my 'What's on in London' guru and Housemate Extrordinaire, enjoyed 'Thristy Thursday' at Whole Foods in Kensington. I attended the pre-launch preview back when it opened in 2007 - which, with the whole food court laid open for free, escalated into a full-blown binge fest. So I can only imagine what delights my Housie enjoyed for a mere £5 entrance fee and, as they say in the spiel, 'a self-guided tour of the best food in the store'. Sounds like marketing speak for 'dig in!'.

I hate to put a downer on everything, but I'm going to be keeping an eye on Whole Foods to see how it fares during this economic wobble, for I believe it will prove once and for all whether Green is an investment buy or a passing trend.

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