Thursday, September 11, 2008

Camilla's Store is reporting live from her sick bed this afternoon, so what better than the the Top 10 Sick Bed Must Haves...

Entertainment is key, but obviously a weakened immune system would not be able to handle anything too mentally stimulating, so in at number 5... It's Dawson's Creek. Nothing beats a cold like a bit of teenage angst and underage sex.

It's important to keep the liquids up if you're gonna get well again in time for the weekend. Put spending nearly £5 on designer juice down to a soaring temperature and get your mitts on some Innocent Smoothie with Acai. Drink it straight out the carton to avoid having to share!

At Number 3, it's the all important illegal narcotics - leftovers from trips abroad and stowed away for just such desperate times. By this stage, however, you've completely forgotten how much you're meant to take, the use-by date has deteriorated, and you end up crawling around the living room at 2 in the morning demanding swiss roll and capers.

When it comes to being ill, it's all about the munchies. In an ideal world, little 'things on trays' will be brought up at hourly intervals by a loving parent, partner or spouse, but in the absence of such a willing individual one needs sustenance, comfort and ease. Take advantage of it being the one day a year when you're allowed out the house in your pjs, pop to the shop and pick up that staple of the storecupboard and every convalescent... Heinz Tomato Soup.

So, you're fed, watered, entertained and heavily medicated, but all this is pointless if you can't snuggle up, get warm and get well. It's the ultimate in luxury and guaranteed to bring warmth to even the chillyest of chills... Cashmere bed socks from Brora. Whoever said being ill couldn't also be stylish?

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